This is the relaxed part of the Caribbean, and therefore hotel breakfasts on Nevis generally do not start earlier than 8 am. But on your special request many of the hotels will prepare a packed breakfast of fruits and breads; and so if you want to get out in the early morning, you can order this the day before and pick it up from the staff.

For people who feel they need a solid, sit-down breakfast quite early in the morning (this might be golfers, divers, or people who are going out on fishing expeditions) generally speaking, the two places on Nevis where you can reliably get breakfast served at a table before 8:00 am are Four Seasons Resort and Oualie Beach Hotel.  

For people who like to get up and eat at the regular time, there are some excellent places to have breakfast around the island.  Golden Rock Hotel starts serving round about 8:00, however, if you go up there a bit early and walk through the gardens and grounds, maybe you will be lucky enough to see some monkeys.  Or you may want to try the excellent coconut French toast at Hermitage.  Meals at Montpelier at any time are something special, and a thrasher (a handsome, large, thrush-like bird) sometimes will come over to entertain you.  See how the sun lights up the nearby island of St. Kitts as you sit in the restaurant at Mount Nevis Hotel.  

At Nisbet Plantation breakfast is served from 8 am to 10 am, very near the ocean.  Each day they have one of several kinds of pancakes you can try: for example, with coconut or mango, and they also make almond-crusted French toast. A fresh-squeezed fruit juice of the day is always available, along with a very wide selection of fresh fruits. The occasional bananaquit (a pretty little black and yellow bird) may attempt to assist you with your fruit selection.

Local places?  Try one of the bakeries in town for freshly baked buns or raisin rolls.  Here in the West Indies people make some lovely breads.

Monkeys watch you while they eat their own breakfast, up in the mango trees at Golden Rock!