Pinney's Beach looking North

Pinneys is a fine beach, the longest beach on Nevis. It is on the Caribbean side of the island, where the sea is usually quite calm.

This beach is almost 3 miles long, reaching from just outside of Charlestown all the way to the north end of Cades Bay. You can walk the whole length of the beach, including going past the lagoon at Nelson's Spring. And if you do walk the whole beach, you will only have to go off the sand a little way at two points, once because of a small rocky point, and the other time because of the rocks which were put down by the Four Seasons in 2005 to protect the north end of their property against erosion.

The sand on Pinney's Beach is a pleasant pale yellow-grey color. Parts of the beach are still relatively wild, and you will see usually see pelicans fishing as well as shy Night Herons resting. Sometimes there are shells washed up here and there on Pinney's, depending on what the sea has been doing recently. You will also see brightly-painted, hand-made fishing boats, pulled up on the beach just north of Four Seasons.

Pinneys Beach looking South 

The southern half of Pinney's also has Turtle Beach Bar & Grill, Sunshine's beach bar and at the southern end, Double Deuce Beach Bar.