The Market in Charlestown is open in the mornings on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, when vendors come into town to sell their goods. It is primarily a farmer's market, and it takes place in a modern one-story structure that is completely open to the fresh air. The building is located in the small streets between the main road and the waterfront, very near the port.

Saturday is by far the biggest market day; get there early for the best selection of produce. Not all of the veggies and fruit sold here are locally grown, but local items are definitely the best; if you are not sure, feel free to ask if something was grown on Nevis.

You will find this an interesting place if you wish to buy some produce, or if you are simply curious to see some home-grown Caribbean vegetables and fruits. These include giant green-patterned pumpkins, 3-foot long beans, delicious spinach that is a vine, and pretty jewel-like savory peppers that are not hot, but very mild indeed, and are good to eat raw or cooked. There is also fresh turmeric root, fresh herbs, local tomatoes, local ginger root and rather lovely lettuces.

Some vendors set up their produce on small tables in the street right next to the market building; if you happen to see them, do check out their wares because these vendors often have some of the freshest and most delicious produce.

Vendors are primarily interested in making a sale rather than being photographed, so if you want to take a picture, say good morning and then ask if you may photograph them. That is in fact a good system to follow anywhere on Nevis if you wish to be considered polite.