Most people arrive and depart Charlestown by ferry, although there is also an airport on Nevis. Once you are on Nevis, you can get to Charlestown by private car, or by the inexpensive local buses (these are licensed but privately-owned vans), or on foot, or by taxi, or in a shuttle van from one of the hotels.

The ferry from Basseterre, St Kitts allows you to approach Charlestown rather grandly, with really superb views of the island, while gliding in over the smooth Caribbean Sea.  It is about a 40 minute ride one way and in 2013 tickets for 2 people cost $21 US. Tickets are purchased at the ferry terminal in St Kitts and the port in Nevis. 


This is the view of Charlestown that greets you as you leave the port area.

You can easily arrive in Charlestown on foot, depending where you are staying: for example, some people walk to town from The Four Seasons: along the beach and then a very short walk on the main road into the center of town. Nevis is a small island, and if you enjoy being on foot, you can walk to many places, either along the beach or by the road.

When you are leaving Charlestown, if you wish, you can take a taxi from the taxi stand in the center of town, or you can take one of the local buses that run various routes along the main road of the island. Just ask someone if you don't know where exactly to find the taxi stand, or the places where the buses pick up riders, and also please do ask a driver or a passenger which bus you should take in order to get to your particular destination. The buses will drop you off (or pick you up) anywhere at all on the main road, and are often prepared on request to make a detour up a side road for a very small extra charge; just ask the bus driver when you first get in the bus.

The same ferry stop that left you off at the Charlestown port is where you will find the passenger ferry for your return trip to St. Kitts.

It is worth noting that there is another ferry that runs between St. Kitts and Nevis, called the "Sea Bridge", but this does not depart from Charlestown; it leaves from Cades Bay, further north on Nevis. The "Sea Bridge" is a car ferry but it also takes passengers, who sit on open air benches on a top deck. This ferry is a very short ride, about 20 minutes, and it arrives in St. Kitts at the southeastern tip of that island in Majors Bay. At present there is no development at all at Majors Bay, only wild natural beauty, so if you need to arrange for a taxi to pick you up there, make a call well in advance. Majors Bay is about a 30 minute drive from the capital of St. Kitts, Basseterre.

The "Sea Bridge" car ferry terminal in Nevis also currently has very little in the way of facilities, and so you may wish to call a taxi before you get there, unless you are happy to simply catch a bus at the main road, which is less than 100 yards inland.