If you are an AMERICAN citizen and you or someone you know find yourself in an emergency situation in Trinidad & Tobago call the US Embassy in Trinidad.  They maintain a 24 hour emergency phone number (868)-622-6371 / no need to dial the area code if you are in the country.  There is aways an officer on call. 

The US Embassy is located at #15 Queens Park in northern Trinidad. (In the white pages under "American".)

The local emergency phone number for Trinbagonians is 999 not 911.

Never, ever, ever go to the General Hospital in Port of Spain. (In the blue pages under "Hospitals" Port of Spain General Hospital.)

I suggest St. Clair Medical Center.  (In the yellow pages under MEDCORP LTD. St. Claire Medical Centre)

It is located #18 Elizabeth St., St. Claire. Port of Spain phone #628-1451.

They have a 24 hour walk-in Accident & Emergency ward & offer many services including dental.

St. Claire's is pricey but worth it.  My 2nd choice (less expensive) would be the Community Hospital of Seventh Day Adventists.

There are Adventist Hospitals located in Cocorite; Siparia; Princes Towne; and Tobago.

You can get satisfactory care there.  They are in the yellow pages under Hospitals - Community Hospital of S.D.A.


*Note - The police in TnT always drive with their flashing lights on.  If they want you to pull over they will sound their siren.