Although Port of Spain is considered to be generally safe, it is still wise to use common sense to protect yourself from petty crime and thievery, which have been known to be problems for some travelers in the past, especially during times when there are many tourists visiting, such as Carnival. The Trinidad and Tobago Tourist Board suggests a few safety tips for people visiting Port of Spain and other of the islands' cities:

  • Always lock hotel room and car doors, no matter how friendly local people may seem.  You never know what can happen.  Also be careful not to travel alone at night, especially in desolate or poorly lit areas.  Be careful always to only use certified taxis.  Information on how to recognize these is available at the airport and at most hotels.  The number to call in an emergency in Port of Spain is 999.
  • Driving safety is also important.  If you are not used to driving on the left side of the road use extra caution when behind the wheel.  Try to have an idea of where you are going, and a good map, to avoid getting lost and perhaps landing in a  bad area.
  • When purchasing food be mindful of the cleanliness of the establishment and its employees.  If something seems unclean or unsafe, go to another establishment.  The city has many restaurants and food stalls which are clean and certified by the government.