Being a fairly large city, Port of Spain has quite a few shopping options.  The downtown area is full of all types of shops selling everything from local foods to souvenirs and clothing.  The city is also home to a few open air markets selling crafts and local food items.  For serious shoppers, Port of Spain also has several malls and shopping centers.  Frederick Street is home to at least three malls, the Aboutique Mall, the Golden Door Plaza, and the Capital Plaza.  Port of Spain's Henry Street has at least three malls as well, the Bradford City Mall, Time Plaza, and the Hadeed Center Mall.  These two streets alone could keep shoppers happy for hours. 

Another popular Port of Spain's shopping centers is the Long Circular Mall on Long Circular Road.  Piacaro International Airport also offers shopping for travelers.  For a listing of stores in the airport's mall visit the airport's website.