Because Scarborough is the largest town in Tobago, there are cabs usually readily available in most places. In the busier market areas and near the hot spots you will have no trouble getting a taxi. This is especially the case near hotels and resorts. During any time of day you will be able to find the taxis, and they stick out from the other cars as well. It will be a bit harder to get taxis very late at night, as there isn't much of a nightlife and most of the locals will be in bed, but if you call ahead you should be able to get one. Because the town only has a population of about 17,000, there is no need for a very large taxi service. During the busier months the town swells to larger numbers because of tourism, and in reality the great majority of people who use taxis in town are tourists. However, there are just enough taxis to make sure there isn't a shortage. You can also rent cars or scooters and mo-peds while you are in Scarborough. Usually, you would just rent from a car agency in Crown Point near the airport, but you should also be able to find an agency near the town itself.