The temperature in the Virgin Islands does not have much of a range; if warm sunny days with light ocean breezes sounds good to you, you will enjoy the weather in St. Croix. The climate here is considered to be subtropical with eastern trade winds.

The major issue with weather in St. Croix has to do with hurricanes. Unfortunately, St. Croix has seen is share of devastation due to hurricanes, the most recent severe damage that struck the island was from Hurricane Hugo in 1989. Hurricane season runs from July to November and most tourists plan their getaways accordingly since temperatures do not really fluctuate throughout the year. Updates and information can always be accessed from the National Hurricane Center.

Many people like to come to St. Croix for the fabulous Christmas festival, the Crucian Christmas Festival which is full of costumes, music, parades, and celebration. This is the time that the people of St. Croix celebrate Carnival and it is their largest celebration of the year. New Year's Eve brings more reason to party as does "Caribbean Night" the following day. The early part of the month of January is full of events as a part of Carnival, making it a great time to come to St. Croix and thus avoid winter.