First time visitors: 

(1) Treat yourself to a luxurious buffet breakfast at The Buccaneer hotel. 

(2) Treat yourself to a dinner or cocktails and a light supper at The Buccaneer to watch a sunset from their terrace and watch the lights of Christiansted harbor illuminate.  It's a wonderful view! 

(3) Watch a sunrise (or at least go there at some point during the day) from Point Udall, the Easternmost point of the United States.  Get someone to take your picture next to the wall to prove you were there!

(4) Talk to others you meet, both tourists and residents, about where they are from and why they came to the island if not born there and you'll find an interesting blend of American, European, and Caribbean cultures and stories.

(5) Watch out when crossing streets -- in St. Croix, drivers drive on the left hand side. 

(6)  Visit the casino at the Divi. 

(7)  Go souvenier shopping in Christiansted. 

(8) Sit at Christiansted's harbor and watch the seaplanes take off. 

(9) Swim/snorkel at various beaches -- they are all public, even those belonging to resorts (though a small fee can be charged).  Even if you don't swim at them, check out their individual scenic beauty.  The beaches at Divi Carina Bay Resort and at The Palms provide particularly great photo opportunities.

(10)  Explore as many roads as possible, especially those that climb the rolling green hills.  Deer Hill Road on the East End provides a gorgeous view in two directions.  The road across from the entrance to Deer Hill Road (Ridge Road or Hillside Road? something like that)  provides a great view of the castle on the hill.  Take Scenic Road (the paved portion) for great vistas.  There are many beautiful homes to see on the island (one concentrated area is in Judith's Fancy) and sugar plantation and mill ruins dot the countryside.

(11)   Visit the site of Christopher Columbus's landing at Salt River.

(12)  Appreciate the picturesque beauty of the rolling green hills dotted with sugar mill ruins against a beautiful blue sky and turquoise and blue waters.


Rent a car so you can explore the island.

Bring your GPS for easy island navigation.

To save a bit of cash (food is very expensive), pack snacks and breakfast items or stop at K-Mart or Plaza Extra (grocery store).

Plan for it to be very dark very early -- in late September, sunset was around 6:00 and it was pitch dark before 7:00.

Avoid a hotel in Christiansted's downtown.  Parking is a challenge, and it doesn't feel as safe there at night as at beach resorts.  Also, there are no beaches for Christiansted hotels except on Protestant Cay which requires a short ferry ride.

Bring mosquito repellant -- many restaurants are open air.

Don't rely on published event schedules you may find on-line or even while in St. Croix.  Suggest calling the venue the day of the scheduled event to see if the place is (a) open; and (b) putting on the advertised entertainment.