Any day trip to St. Thomas must include a beach stop. St. Thomas beaches are very beautiful, but can be overrun with tourist during high season. The best time to visit the island is during the off season between May before December if you want to experience the island without the crowds.  To get a great overview of the island take a island tour.  This is a safe and affordable way to take in the sites and views of the island.  There are many tour companies offering tours on island.  Go with a experienced tour company.  Another tip book directly with a local tour company.  Did you know that many of the tours offered by national tour companies or cruise ships are contracted to local providers. offers great day tours for both St. Thomas and St. John. Save money cut out the middle man. On your day trip be adventurous try some local food. If you have never visited the island restaurants can be very expensive.  One way to save cash is to eat were the locals eat.  You will eat some great local food and save money.  Often locals eat from the food trucks parked around town.  Another way to save on cash is to take the local safari busses, you can go most places for a $1. Any good day trip calls for a little adventure and going off the beaten path, but while on a day trip in St. Thomas keep safe and avoid town area at night.