Travel to Charlotte Amalie is relatively safe.  However, every place has its quirks, so here are the ones Charlotte Amalie visitors should know about:

  • Alleyways:  There is relatively little street crime in Charlotte Amalie.  That which does occur generally occurs in the deserted or quiet alleyways off of the main roads.  Visitors not familiar with the area should avoid these sections, particularly at night, just to be on the safe side.
  • Hurricanes:  The biggest weather threat in Charlotte Amalie is the threat of hurricanes.  Though they are not common, they do occur.  The hurricane season begins in June and runs through November, but the riskiest time is generally late August and early September.
  • Iguanas:  These local animals are not likely to bother guests.  However, if guests bother them, they can become vicious.  It is the tail of the animal to watch out for if one approaches, as this is what the iguana uses to strike.
  • Sun:  Travelers often forget that the sun can be harsh because it often does not feel excessively warm in Charlotte Amalie.  Always wear sunscreen and make sure to drink plenty of water to avoid problems with the sun and resulting dehydration.