Travelers can either reach Charlotte Amalie by boat or they can get there by plane.  Both are viable options and neither is particularly preferred so the choice is up to the traveler.

By boat:   Cruise ships frequently travel to Charlotte Amalie making this an excellent location for the cruise traveler to visit.   Popular starting points for such cruises include Tortola and Puerto Rico but ships may arrive from all over.    Visitors should work with their local travel agent to plan their cruise to Charlotte Amalie.  
By plane:   The airport serving Charlotte Amalie is the Cyril E. King Airport which is located west of Charlotte Amalie.   The airport is served by major airlines including American Airlines ( ), Delta Airlines ( ), and Continental Airlines ( ).     More information about the airport is online at .
Upon arrival:   Upon arrival, travelers can rent a car from one of the major car rental companies located at the airport or they can take a taxi to their hotel destination.   Note that taxis are unmetered but fares are regulated so visitors should ask about the fare before accepting a ride to confirm the legitimacy of the driver.   More information on both taxis and rental cars is online at .