For a great lunch or dinner to take home try The Deli Grotto at Mongoose Junction.

The Lime Inn is a great choice for dinner.

In Cruz Bay, some excellent local food can be had at very reasonable/cheap prices.  First, just around the corner from the ferry dock, near the piers along the first road on the left paralleling the water, is Uncle Joe's Barbecue.  No, it's not much on the eyes, but boy is the food GOOD!  The BBQ chicken is very tasty, coming in a large portion with sauce that is tangy with a touch of spiciness.  The meals come with two sides, and the macaroni salad is particularly yummy.  The folks that work the place are friendly, and it's a great way to get a sizeable and scrumptuous meal for about $10 a person!  Have kids?  Share a meal!  A good option for lunch (NO DINNER) is Hercules' Pates, on the road that leads uphill just west of the Lumberyard.  These are NOT French pates, but rather meat or fish-filled fried dough/pastry.  Absolutely delicious, and a only $3 a piece (two pates will probably satisfy most folks).  Those seeking decent pizza, pasta, subs or calzones, can try the local pizza place in the shopping center by Dolphin Market.  Finally, don't overlook the local food markets.  Dolphin has a small selection of prepared foods, but Starfish shines with a particularly nice pre-made and made-to-order deli area.  It's a great way to save some bucks, and offers an excellent opportunity to create a nice picnic lunch for the beach!