When speaking of the weather and climate of Caneel Bay, it is nearly identical to that of the rest of St John.  In general, Caneel Bay is a year round destination.  Temperatures are always warm (with slight variations month to month), and there is usually an abundance of sunshine. Factors to consider when planning a trip are temperature variations, tourist (busy) seasons, and the hurricane season.       

            On average, the hottest months of the year are August through October, during which time the daily high temperatures will reach the upper 80’s and lower 90’s.  Evening temperatures will cool to the mid 70’s.  On the other hand, the cooler months of the year are January through March, during which time mid to upper 80’s can be expected during the day, and lower 70’s during the nights.  The factor that makes a noticeable difference is the humidity, which is more intense during the hotter months, making the temperatures seem higher than they really are.

            The tourist season is from December until April.  Most visitors are those escaping the cold winter weather in the Northern Hemisphere.  Prices can be twice as high during this time compared to the low season. 

            The hurricane season is officially from June to November, but excessive rain is generally not a problem.  Storms usually pass quickly, allowing the sun to shine again. 

            For weather information about St John, check out the Ten Day Forecast or the Monthly Temperature and Precipitation Averages page.