Airport Shuttles

Some Packages include vouchers for Shuttle Vans.  Most of these vans are run by Majestic Tours and are small buses that hold about 20 people.  Each van heads towards a different set of hotels, so you may not have a direct ride to your hotel, but drop off along the way.  In some cases, luggage is place in a second van or truck to meet you at your destination.

Unless you travel package has included this as a perk, the Shuttle is not usually a bargain.  Most cabs are less expensive, and there are plenty of vans and limos in the taxi transportation pool.

If you have a voucher, the transportation director at the Arrivals area will direct you to your Van at the end of the drive. (to your left as you go out the door).  Representatives will be waiting to help board you.

To return to the Airport, contact your Majestic Tour Desk in your hotel lobby for pick up times 24 hours before your flight, or call the number on your voucher for a pick up.  Make sure you do this a day ahead of time, and be WAITING for them when they arrive.  They will NOT wait for you.