Rosarito Beach is a great destination for a weekend getaway.... a short vacation... or retirement!! The weather is comfortable year-round (they claim San Diego weather is the best in the U.S, and Rosarito has the same San Diego weather!). Days are balmy, but bring a light jacket or sweater for evenings. Beaches are absolutely beautiful... wide and sandy in town.  As you go out of town there are both sandy and rocky areas, but the entire coastline on down to Ensenada is worth seeing.

The border crossing is fairly easy if you avoid commute hours, and Friday night driving south.... Sunday night driving north. Roads are fairly good, but watch for potholes. It is better to take the toll road from the border. Not only is it a better and safer road, but it winds along the ocean so you can enjoy a great view while driving.

Hotels are numerous, and fill up quickly on weekends. Many of the rates also double for weekend guests, also. For convenience, I recommend the Hotel Rosarito downtown. This hotel is on the beach, has several nice restaurants to dine in.... and is convenient to anything you'd like to see in  the downtown area.  If you prefer to relax in your hotel and not go out-- this would be the place for you. Honeymooners would love the Hotel Calafia, located just a few miles south of town. The best of everything can be found here! For budget travellers, I recommend the Hotel Don Luis. See Alex at the front desk, and tell him "Dottie's sister sent you". This is a clean and friendly hotel, but not "fancy".

There is a lot to do in Rosarito Beach. You might just stroll through town, stopping at little shops and the local flea market. The market  is a good place to pick up any souvenirs.... unless you are planning to go to the larger flea market in Tijuana later. There is a nice group of shops in front of the Hotel Rosarito.... it's fun to browse here. We like the bakeries. It seems that fresh bread is constantly being baked... we just can't resist the bakeries in Mexico! FOXploration (FOX Studios) has a tour just south of town. This is where the movie "Titanic" was filmed, as well as other movies.

The beach is  wide and sandy..... nice for swimming and sunbathing. You may also go horseback riding and parasailing here. The "party crowd" gathers at "Papas and Beer".... always popular!

El Nido is the restaurant  for meat-lovers!  Lunch is fairly quiet, but it gets crowded most evenings.... especially in the summer months and on weekends. Lobster is served at most nicer restaurants. If you drive a few miles south to Puerto Nuevo you will find lobster everywhere!

Most of the larger businesses have employees who speak English. In the outlying areas you will need to know a  few words of Spanish. The US dollar is accepted almost everywhere. Water in Baja is safe to drink.

This is just a wonderful place to bring your friends or family, for honeymooners. or to celebrate other special occasions. You won't be disappointed!