In Tijuana, don’t get tricked by the salesperson's speech about "hand-made" goods, crafted by Oaxaca peasants as the twinkling jewelry, the colorful sombreros, and the funny donkey statues catch your eye on the street. They are surely industrially made in China “Aztec” pieces. Prefer the established stores, some on Revolucion Street (be cautious, some sell similar plastic stuff), which even specialize into specific types of craft: linen, ceramic, wood, jewelry or miniatures.

Along Revolucion Street, find exquisite miniature with different “Mexican motives”, the burial, the Death (the Catrina) in different dresses and situations, the kitchen, the bar, the tortilla bakery. Check the large collection of lucha libre (Mexican wrestling) masks which Mexican superstar wrestlers wore in the sport's golden age of the 1960s and '70s.

A national chain of stores that include pharmacy, bookstore, restaurant, bar and photography, Sanborns is a Mexican retail classic. You will find the finest Arts and crafts from all over Mexico at excellent prices, and you won’t need to bargain.