Casa Tibet of Monterrey is bringing the Maitreya Heart Shrine Relic Tour to Monterrey on March 1st, 2nd & 3rd, 2013. This rare event will take place at the Museo de Historia Mexicana (Mexico History Museum) .

The relics that will be showcased in Monterrey were found among the cremation ashes of Buddhist masters and includes relics of the historical Buddha and the Buddha’s closest disciples. The Relics resemble beautiful pearl-like crystals and are called "Ringsel". Buddhists believe the relics embody the master’s spiritual qualities of compassion and wisdom and have been deliberately produced by the master so that all may share in their energy and wisdom.

Eight of the relics have been graciously provided to the tour by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. This is a rare opportunity to view these relics of the Buddha and this large collection  includes authenticated relics dating back  2,500 years. 

The purpose of the Relic Tour is to create loving kindness and world peace. This is not a Buddhist event and is open for people of all faiths and spiritual backgrounds.

Visitors often report experiences of inspiration and healing when in the presence of the relics. While some are inspired to pray for world peace and to develop their inner wisdom, others are overcome by emotion as the powerful effects of the relics open their hearts to compassion and loving-kindness.

U.S. Tour manager Amanda Russell says she has been consistently moved by what people tell her about their experiences encountering the relics. “Nearly everyone reports some kind of change or shift, whether it is releasing physical or emotional pain or experiencing a profound sense of peace”, she says.  

March 1st: 6pm to 8PM (opening Ceremony)

March 2nd: 10am to 7pm

March 3rd: 10am to 5pm

 Buddha Relics