Formally called the Instituto Guerrerense de la Cultura but locally (and more commonly) known as the Casa de La Cultura,  this quiet often-overlooked cultural center  -  located at the eastern end of the Costera Miguel Alemán in Costa Azul  -  is a place where you can find craft exhibitions from different areas of the port and from around the State of Guerrero,  as well as exhibitions of paintings and photographs. 

Periodically it also offers music,  theater,  cultural events,  and fun-filled classes of dance.  Though the scene changes from time to time,  items such as hand-woven shawls,  brightly-painted gourds,  baskets,  hammocks,  handmade jewelry,  and Olinalá lacquerware are often available for purchase.  Along the Costera sidewalk is a craft store (Arte Para Siempre),  an art gallery (Galería Ixcateopan) and a small café,  but further in  -  not visible from the boulevard  -  is a park-like area surrounded by mango trees with a small cultural library and an outdoor stage (where performances sometimes take place on Saturday evenings at 7:00pm).  Few travelers know of  -  or take the time to visit  -  this hidden oasis  -  which is owned by the City of Acapulco;  but those who do are usually glad that they stopped.

Open to the public daily from 10:00am to 8:00.  Free.

For a bird's-eye aerial view of the cultural center,  click the following link;  then expand the image (zoom out) to get a better sense of its location within the city:  Aerial Map.