This popular tourist attraction is located in Acapulco Tradicional (the old section of the city) at the home of the late Dolores 'Lola' Olmedo Patiño (1908-2002)  -  who had the largest collection of Diego Rivera paintings in the world,  was a long-time friend of his,  and was also the woman to whom he proposed after the death of his wife Frida Kahlo (the controversial painter who died in 1954).

During the period 1956-1957,  Rivera lived in Acapulco while recovering from cancer,  and it was then that he created the works found here  -  before passing away himself in November of '57.  This house,  currently for sale,  represents a cultural heritage and is a living witness to the art of Diego Rivera in Acapulco.

If you have the time, stop by the estate which is located at Inalambrica #6 in the area between La Quebrada and the Sinfonía del Mar.  There,  visitors can freely view the 107'-long mural on the outside walls of Exekatlkalli (meaning House of the Winds),  which is a mosaic sculpture-painting depicting the gods Quetzalcoatl,  Tlaloc,  and Coatlicue of the ancient Aztec culture.  The house itself,  however,  is not open to the public.

For a bird's-eye aerial view of Dolores Olmeda's estate,  click the following link;  then expand the image (zoom out) to get a better sense of its location within the city:  Aerial Map.

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