For most, without even realizing it, the energy and feel of a city is greatly determined by not only its cultural offerings and local flavors, but also by the architectural style of the areas structures.  Mazatlan is no different, and with a little information, any visitor will find it easy to consciously appreciate the area’s beautiful urban surroundings 

            In the center of Old Mazatlan are located 479 buildings that have all been designated as national historic landmarks.  Walking through town, one can’t help but notice the distinct style (neoclassical flourishes with climate induced adaptations) with which the majority of buildings were constructed.  Although similarities exist within many of the structural styles, the nationalities of the construction supervisors range from Spain, Italy and of course Mexico.

            Located in the heart of downtown is a great example of the area’s religious structures.  A cathedral built in the 19th century (named the Basilica Cathedral in 1937) with two yellow towers shooting into the sky, educes a state of awe for most that see it for the first time.  The interior is of baroque style with exuberant tendencies, and numerous breathtaking statues can be found throughout.

            More local attractions include The Portals of Canobbio, The Monument to the Continuity of Life, and The Paseo del Centenario Pergola.   Also, make sure to schedule a stop at the Municipal Center for the Arts, which provides great information for novice and expert architectural explorers alike.