These are some ideas of things to pack for your trip.   A lot of these came from a thread on the forum started by df98

·         Travel size bottle of fabreeze

·         Travel size bottle of Downy Wrinkle Releaser

·         Small keychain sized flashlight (Good in dark hotel rooms, or walking after dark)

·         Binoculars (Whale watching, or use while sitting on the balcony of your hotel room). 

·         Small cork screw & bottle opener. 

·         Tiny Glade Ultra plugins so your room doesn’t smell musty

·         Extra ziplock bags. 

·         Handy wipes, antibacterial hand sanitizer

·         Small gift for house keepers (nail polish, good chocolate, good lotion …)

·         Tide pen / shout wipe to get stains out of your clothes.

·         Flat sheet for the beach (It doesn’t take up much room, is easier to get sand off of, and is bigger than a towel.

·         A shoe bag that hangs over the door with separate sections for each pair of shoes. Can be used to keep the clutter down in your bathroom.

·         3m removable hooks or cheep cotton roap- put them in the shower to hang wet bathing suits on

·         Mesh laundry bag that can hang in closet or bathroom.

·         Copies of travel documents for safe just in case you should lose passports.

·         Fabric  softener sheets - clears up any smells in drawers or closets, also nice in your pillow

·         dry Gatorade/energy packets to help with dehydration and loss of electrolytes

·         Bug spray & Anti itch or bug bite spray.

·         Sun Screen & Aloe Lotion

·         Spanish Phrase Book

·         Walkie Talkies  (Save expensive cell phone calls)

·         Ipod with speakers or a rca to headphone cable so you can listen using the TV.

·         Phone numbers of  banks, doctor, hotel, airline, and local embassy

·         Floating Drink holder for holding beer in the pool

·         Acidophilus prevents Montezuma’s Revenge  Make sure not refrigerated kind


  • Digital scale for weighing your bags (important when you take back things like alcohol or other heavy items, with the hefty airline weight overage charges)


MOST IMPORTANTLY PACK YOUR CHILL  remember this is vacation, wind down be patient and don’t let the small stuff “ruin” your great vacation. 

•Digital Camera!