Engaging in sports and activities is a major part of Mexican vacations. No matter what part of the country you visit, whether in the more central region or along the coast, there are countless of opportunities for you to get on your feet and get active. From water sports to golf to ancient ruin explorations, you'll leave wishing you had more time to do all the activities here!

Along the Gulf Coast the ocean presents a playground. Conditions for scuba diving and snorkeling are great and the major towns and cities are stocked with rental equipment and excursion tours. Many resorts also provide these activities so be sure to ask before booking if interested. Jet skiing, boating, and sport fishing are also popular choices in the sea.

On land you'll want to explore this great region through archaeological sites as there are many. Visit the online tourist board for Mexico and click on what city you are heading to, for more information.

Most of the tourist cities are also home to incredible spas. Check with your resort as the big hotels offer world class spas.

Golfing is also an excellent sport to enjoy while in Mexico. Again, visit Mexico's tourist board for course information in your destination city.