A great place to view Guanajuato, tickets (boletos) to ride the tram up to Monumento al Pipila are an inexpensive and worth every peso. The tram, seems safe,  lurched up the hill in a manner that remind one of a carnival ride. At the top, are many picnic spots and small shops to buy all kinds of goodies. 

El Pipila, as you will find, is a revolutionary hero in the greatest Mexican tradition. Strapping a large flat paving stone to his back to ward of shots from the Spaniards, he attempted to reach and break down a door to the Old grain storage building. His success earned him a place in the Mexican pantheon of legendary fighters, and a great statue in the leftist style so popular after Mexican independence.

Don't forget to adjust your exposure and shutter speed when snapping pictures from here as you're even higher above sea level and the sun may leave you with pastel pictures of what is in reality a vivid and colorful panoramic scene.

View from the tram