The Ministry of Education is a large office complex only a short distance from the Zócalo.  The building stretches a long block from Republic of Brazil to Republic of Argentina and has entrances on each of these streets.  A number of structures, some dating from the seventeenth century, are combined into this single building with its beautiful courtyards and surrounding galleries decorated with the murals mostly by Diego Rivera.

The murals were begun in 1923, shortly after the end of the Revolution, and Rivera worked on them over a period of five years.  The scenes reflect the social, economic, and political thought which drove the Mexican Revolution as well as the artist's vision for a post-revolutionary, socialist Mexico.  The Ministry is sadly overlooked by many  visitors but the result is a tranquil, pleasant environment which lends itself to unhurried study.  It will be a highlight for anyone with an interest in Mexican history and especially the work of Rivera.

Enter at Republica de Argentina #28. Admission is free.  One person in a group will sign in and provide identification.  Because this is a functioning office complex it is open on Monday when most museums in the city are closed.