Cancun has to be one of the best places in the Caribbean to travel to not only for the stun ning beaches and amazing sights but the nightlife is awesome too. (Feel free to edit/update any of this information instead of starting a new read as it will make it easier for people to find what they are looking for!).

Starting with some of the biggest clubs... CocoBongo, DadyO's, The City, Basic 


and The Bulldog Cafe (note: "biggies", means clubs that are popular and hold thousands of people). The smaller though still popular places are Señor Frogs, Slices, Congo, and Corona Bar, just to name a few. The smaller places don't always have a cover charge, you can pay as you go, drinks can cost anywhere from $4 and up, depending on how high end you want to go.  For after hours, head to Nectar, a very hip outdoor club on the lagoon.  Bring your sunglasses, you'll need them when the sun comes up!



No trip to Cancun is complete without a night out on the town!  Dress comfortably, it's going to be hot and you're going to be dancing!  Guys are often in nice tshirts and shorts, girls in tank tops and skirts.  Anything goes though, wear what makes you happy!  Tip your waiters and bartenders well to ensure great service.  Don't forget some pesos for the bathroom attendants as well.

























Situated in the party zone of Cancun, it is one of the biggest and best clubs and is a must visit.
You pay a cover charge to get in which includes all your drinks for the night.


Prices and opening times are as follows...

Open Bar   Prices  Open
 Monday  USD $40  10.30pm
 Tuesday  USD $40  10.30pm
 Wednesday  USD $40  10.30pm
 Thursday  USD $40  10.30pm
 Friday  USD $45  10.30pm
 Saturday  USD $45  10.30pm
 Sunday  USD $40  10.30pm

Every night there are amazing shows ranging from Beyonce to Spiderman... there really is something for every age range! There is a wide selection of drinks and the bar staff are efficient and friendly. The club is massive and can hold a lot of people... the atmosphere is always amazing! And to all the crazy girls out there who have always fancied bar dancing... heres your chance.. for a certain time each night they allow girls onto the bar to have a boogie!!!

CocoBongo Show

Dady O's

Also situated in the party zone, it is smaller than CocoBongo but the atmosphere is still amazing....They have the most incredible lightning, sound and special effects. Combined with the best mixes from the worlds best DJ's. Dady'O is irresistable and one of Cancun's best attractions.


Every night Dady'o hosts wild theme parties including, Sexy go-go dancers, Blue man show, amazing aerial shows and much more. they also host the Miss Hawaiian Bikini Model contest every Thursday. Dady'O has six service bars, VIP seating and the service you are provided with is outstanding!

DadyO is the club you just can't miss out on!!!

Prices and opening times

Open Bar  Prices Open
 Monday USD $37 10.30pm
 Tuesday USD $37 10.30pm
 Wednesday USD $37 10.30pm
 Thursday USD $37 10.30pm
 Friday USD $37 10.30pm
 Saturday USD $37 10.30pm
 Sunday USD $37 10.30pm

 Dady Rock

The City

Open as of June 2007. Amazingly huge club with awesome lighting and sound system. Wide variety of music from hip hop to techno to 80's to rock. Very New York City style atmosphere. Mini shows that will keep you entertained all night long!!   

 The City

Fat Tuesday

km 4.5 blvd. kukulcan   Plaza Embarcadero   next to the pirate ships

Mardi Gras has a beach area where you are on sand then a circular dance floor they have waitresses coming around selling shooters pretty cheap.. and plus you can get beads (you know how); music pretty normal .  Just re-opened in a new location.  a bit smaller than the other massive disco but it has all its charm .  if you are in the neighborhood   stop and visit;  the same great staff and frozen daiquiris that made Fat Tuesday a cancun tradition.

Corona Bar

Corona Bar