Isla is a great place to take kids.  The bayside beach on the north end of the island is safe and clean. 

 Bayside North Beach Isla

The small town atmosphere is good for kids ( and retireees).  Traveling by golf cart is recommended for all tourists on the small island  is fun in itself. 

Isla travel


 Isla is a Carribean Island in Mexico and is something of a secret.

Where can you find beautiful Caribbean water, white sand beaches, tropical vegetation, small town friendly people, feeling safe, reasonable lodging and meal prices--

Without lots of traffic, noise, too many annoying vendors, crowds of other tourists, isolation from the native culture.

 island cart travel

Driving around the island on a rented golf cart was the way to go. Took out Trip insurance. (In case of a hurricane goofy.)

Halloween on Isla

Take snorkel equipment and lots of sunscreen. Getting into the water with the sharks is special for the kids .

 touching sharks

So is the turtle hatchery.

 Turtle farm

Isla is a tropical island with iganuas, sometimes in cafes, as boys find out.

iguanas are a little scary

Having to get there on the people ferry from Cancun makes it feel like you are going far away and into another land.

Which you are.