Downtown San Miguel is small enough to be explored on foot. The streets are mainly cobbled, so not suited to wheelchairs, strollers or to people who have difficulty walking. During the daytime there are fairly frequent buses to more outlying areas. Most of these leave from the top of the street called Insurgentes. Although each route officially has a number, they are more easily idientified by the names of the main stops indicated or painted on the front window. Enter by the front door and leave by the rear door. Hand the fare ($5P) to the driver, or if it's a busy time there'll be a young lad going around collecting it. Bus stops on route are fairly clearly indicated kerbside by a blue sign. Service comes to an end around 9pm.

The main bus station for mid-distance and long-distance services is a couple of km west of the centre. A number of agencies in town can sell you a bus ticket in advance at no extra charge, although most times of the year it's easy enough to turn up half an hour before departure and buy your ticket prior to boarding. There are first class services (ETN, Primera Plus) to Mexico City, Guanajuato, Leon and Guadalajara. One a day to Morelia (early morning). Frequent second class services to Celaya, Querétaro, Mexico City, Dolores Hidalgo, and sometimes onwards to San Luis Potosí. Some more local services also leave from here and others from Calzada de la Luz near the main market. Both ETN and Primera Plus have web sites for checking timetables, which change frequently, and also for buying tickets online. Note that some overseas-based travellers have experienced problems with the online service!

Taxis in San Miguel are abundant and it is perfectly safe to hail them on the street. They are easiliy identifiable by their green and white livery. Standard fare is $25P; a bit more is expected at night or to a more outlying district: and the taxis that wait at the bus station often try to 'gouge' their passengers. Otherwise, drivers are very honest and they do not expect a tip (not that one will be refused!). If you call a cab on the phone (152 4086, 152 5993) you pay double the standard fare (ie. $50P). The main taxi rank is on the Plaza Principal (not to be confused with the Jardín), where you will also find truck taxis called taxis mixtos. These are useful if you want to move large items around and don't have your own SUV. You can phone for a taxi mixto on 152 2635. Many taxi drivers offer hourly and day rates; just negotiate with them direct. Once you have established a good relationship with a driver you like, stick with it. They almost all carry cell phones these days so are easy to contact.

It is possible to hire a car in San Miguel, but rates are high. Better to pick one up at BJX airport if that's where you are flying into, or from Querétaro, where all the major agencies are represented.