Don't Miss La Zona:

San Miguel has gone from a sleepy little town in the 1980s to a vibrant and sophisticated city. There are many things to do but a new visitor should not fail to visit the local neighborhood called La Zona. In the last three years the best shops, galleries and restaurant have settled there. You will find everything from the most sophisticated store in San Miguel, Camino Silvestre at Zacateros #46 to the quirky and fun stores Colors and Abrazos selling pop Mexican kitsch. Mesa Grande on the corner of Zacateros and Pila Seca has the best coffee and fresh baked goods in town. Don't miss their wood fired pizzas. Just down the street is Olio Fino offering the most exotic of infused olive oils. Next door find Collectivo with the most beautiful hand crafted shoes. Just up the street, El Pinche Grabador is a small workshop of talented artists making fine woodcuts depicting Day of the Dead skeletons and funky Mexican wrestlers. Ted Davis is a newcomer photographer to San Miguel and has photos that are fresh and capture the essence of Mexico and San Miguel. There is an artist cooperative called Magenta that has almost daily changing exhibits. Marty Rosenberg's lifelong collection of art posters is fun, athentic and illustrative. La Zona covers the lower part of Zacateros and Pila Seca ... don't miss veering off Zacateros onto Pila Seca to visit Mixta, an eclectic mix of chic fashion and well curated home accessories. From gourmet to elegant to just downright strange,La Zona is a lovely way to spend a few hours getting to know just how special San Miguel is.

Refreshingly, La Zona business owners are also socially responsible using their collective strength to support and promote, among other things, the San Miguel Peace conference taking place in San Miguel on April 25th of 2015.