The water taxis to Lands End are an easy way to enjoy the beaches and the famous Arch, but if you are tired of rubbing elbows with gringos and have packed your hiking boots / sturdy shoes, try this adventurous overland route to Lovers Beach from the Pacific side. 

Caveat: this activity includes strenuous walking, scrambling, and climbing, with long stretches in the open sun.  Be sure you have sunscreen, very sturdy footwear, and plenty of drinking water. This activity is not recommended for anyone in less than good physical condition. Also remember that this is the equivalent of a back-country hike; it's a physically risky route, and medical care may be distant and hard to reach if you get into trouble. Don't attempt this alone.

The Pacific side real estate in Cabo San Lucas is privately owned by resorts and other concerns.  If you have a little moxy and a confident smile, you can take a  taxi to one of the Pacific side resorts and walk through the resort to Solmar Beach.  You are allowed to do this.   Or, if you are in a private vehicle, drive into the Pedregal housing development and politely tell the gate agent that you wish to visit the beach. In exchange for your driver's license, you will be issued a visitor parking pass. You can then drive up the ridge and down the other side to enjoy the incredible view and eventually look for an "Accesso del Playa" -- beach access -- sign.  Park the car on the street. (Although this is a very safe area, please take standard precautions about removing valuables and locking vehicles).  You will not, of course, want to trespass on any private property.  But the waterfront zone and beaches, once you get to them, are public land.

From your beach access of choice, turn left down the beach - toward Lands End & Divorce Beach - and enjoy a longish sandy hike toward the cliffs. If you started from Pedgregal, you will have a 3/4 mile scramble over the huge boulders and through hidden coves toward the resorts on Solmar Beach, a flat hike on a half-mile stretch of Solmar Beach, and another short scramble over sandstone cliffs to Divorce Beach.  If you started from one of the closer resorts, you will eliminate the first scramble, but there's still some light bouldering involved on the seond passage.

Once you've arrived at Divorce Beach, you can enjoy the huge Pacific breakers, watch the tourists at the attached Lover's Beach, or - if you are really ambitious - continue hiking and summit the ridge that runs between the two beaches. The trailhead is halfway down Divorce Beach and is clearly marked with a nature preserve sign. This is a steep trail with multiple scrambles and very poor footing in places, but the flora and fauna are very interesting and the summit view is priceless,

For your return trip, you can hire a water taxi at Lover's Beach for about 30 pesos / $3 USD to the marina or Medano Beach.  If you're really brave, retrace your bouldering route. However you approach and depart, this will be an adventure to remember.