Calgary is an outdoorsmans paradise. Although it is far up north, you can still do a number of activities, even though the amount can be limited in the winter months. The most obvious thing that comes to most people's minds is hockey. The Calgary Flames of the National Hockey League are the pride of the city, and if you can get tickets to a game you are sure to have a good time. The Flames are very popular, though, so tickets may be more expensive than you'd like. For a more affordable game of professional hockey, you may wish to check out the Calgary Hitmen  junior hockey team. The hockey season starts in the fall and runs well into the spring, especially if the team is in the playoffs. Still, hockey is a big deal in Canada, and you can probably pick up a game any time of year. If it's during the summer though, it will most likely be street hockey.

In the summer, you can you can also play golf at one of the many courses, or go hiking out in one of the city's large natural area parks. There are some great trails for walking with friends or family, and you can go exploring for days if you want to. Fishing is a big appeal for many tourists (Calgary's Bow River has been dubbed "the Blue Ribbon Bow" for its world class fly fishing for brown trout and rainbow trout), and you can also go rafting and canoeing. There are also a number of amusement parks and centers for kids.

Calgary has an extensive system of bike routes, which go over less-travelled roads, and bike paths along the rivers and through Calgary's many parks. At the start of each summer, the City of Calgary publishes the Calgary Pathways and Bikeways Map, and it is sold through the Calgary Co-op (a major, mainstream grocery store) for $2. If you are planning to cycle or walk extensively, this map is extremely helpful. Note that, due to heavy flooding in June 2005, some lower-lying sections of riverside pathways were washed out; repairs will likely continue through Summer 2007.

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