Multiple Discount Sources

  • Entertainment Book: The 2008 book's list price is $45 U.S. If you are planning on traveling in late spring, wait until March to buy the book because it is usually half-price by then. As of May 2008, all 2008 Entertainment books are $9.99 plus $2.49 shipping and handling. This is a bargain for summer vacationers. If you have your local Entertainment Book early enough in the sales cycle, you can use it to receive a $5 US discount on any other area's Entertainment Book, plus free shipping (another $5 U.S. saving); see your Entertainment Book (first and last pages) for details.
  • Pick up a free copy of the local weekly The Georgia Straight (available in newspaper boxes all over town), and flip to the dining section.  Here you'll find restaraunt reviews and listings, as well as tear-out restaraunt coupons.

Individual Restaurant Discounts

  • Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts: Student chef prepared meals are a bargain anyway, but on Mondays, you can dine 2-for-1 without any coupon. Reservations are essential for those days and can be made from a link on the website. You can make them up to 90 days in advance, but you must have a local phone number to complete the reservation. You might want to make an early lunch reservation; they sometimes run out of an item by 1:00.