Travelling to Winnipeg, Manitoba?

Come during the summer months, best time to travel and find the tourist areas open is May to September end.

There are wonderful beaches within a short 1 hour drive to Winnipeg. You will find white sand in Grand Beach, and dunes, you can swim to your hearts content there.  On the way up to the beaches, just north of the City of Winnipeg, up Highway 9, you will come to River Road.

 This Historical Parkway of River Road is the former home of many original settlers. You will be able to follow the river as you drive along and do a self directed tour with all of the information stops along the way. You will come across the oldest Anglican Church in Western Canada on the banks of the Red River,still with buffalo hide kneelers and surrounded by a very old cemetary yard.  Just up the road from the church is a beautifully restored house , which was built in 1866, by explorer and entrepreneur Capt. William Kennedy's family. Fully restored it depicts what a house of its grandure would have looked like in the day. Also within the museum (which is free) is a quaint and delicious tea house, (Maple Grove Tea Room) that overlooks the river and banks of the Red River. DO stop here for lunch, the food is home cooked and delicious, you wont find good home cooking like this at any typical restaurant,  how many burgers and fries can one eat on vacation? There are also beautiful grounds to wander on and a sunken floral garden that is lined with limestone walkways and walls. It is a very peaceful place to relax and have lunch at.  The teahouse is open summers, early May until the end of September.

Further up the road you will come across the oldest working floodgate at Lockport, Manitoba. Continue up to Lower Fort Garry on Hwy 9, a working historical venue, with costumed guided tours who will explain the history of the fort to you. (there is a fee for entry to this park).

Turn west infront of the Fort and go out to see Ducks Unlimited's Oak Hammock Marsh, a protected wetland area and interpretive centre. (Only half hour away). You can spend the day there or head up to Gimli, Manitoba, (only about 40 mins away), founded by Icelantic settlers, and right on Lake Winnipeg, a huge inland lake that looks like you are looking out over the ocean. Stop for a swim. Shop. Stay the night!

Its only an hour and a few mins back to Winnipeg. Head up highway 59 the next day, and check out Grand Beach. One of the most beautiful beaches with white fine sand beaches and dunes. There is a small town there which is cottage country to many Winnipegers, restaurants, and some shopping. Great place to fish! Camping is available there in the provincial park also.

Enjoy the friendly Manitoban's (its on the license plate), the wonderful sunsets across a wheat field are something to behold. If you happen to be in Grand Marias (the town where Grand Beach is) you can watch the sunset across the water, and it doesnt go down near as fast as it does in the carribean and its prettier!