Some travel tips for all independent travellers:

Best month to see the Aurora Borealis viewing:

In northern regions like Yellowknife, the best time to view the Aurora Borealis is from late August to mid-April. During the summer months the night skies are not dark enough to see the aurora borealis. If you want to avoid cruel winter, September could be a good time to enjoy beautiful fall season, camping and hiking to all the trails in Yellowknife. Also photography is much more easier in this season as you can be outside for the entire night under the stars and northern lights.

Best time to see the Aurora Borealis in local:

Amazing Aurora Borealis may be seen at any time when the sky is dark, but they are relatively unpredictable. Under average conditions, around local midnight till early morning (4am) are most likely to yield results.

Best place to see Aurora Borealis in local:

While you can enjoy the Aurora Borealis after sunset, whenever the sky is dark; the strong city lights are very distracting if you are planning photography.

Sites For Aurora Borealis forecast in Yellowknife: (not 100% accurate, but you’ll get an idea)…hd-480.asp (They switch-on their live camera by 10PM MT)

Aurora Borealis Photography locations in Yellowknife:

- Ingraham Trail 

Ingraham trail is a 70km trail and it has around 10 lakes:

Ingraham Trail Map 

All the lake locations in this trail are great for aurora photography. However, Prosperous Lake could be a better location since it’s not very far away. For This trail, it is a good idea to rent a car for more flexibility.

- Great Slave Lake 

There are some places, which can be accessible easily by walking for aurora photography. (e.g.; if you walk from downtown towards south to Mosher Island in Great Slave Lake – the view is so scenic.)

Rental Car options:

There are many rental car options available in the airport. Kilometers are not free (first couple hundreds kilometers will be free then you have to pay for every extra km.) 

Settings for Camera:

Setting should be fixed to “Manual exposure”, biggest aperture (f/4.0) and ISO 800 should be selected. 15 - 25 Seconds shutter speed (depending on moon light). 

Camping Options:

There are a lot of camping options in Yellowknife, especially in this season of the year(fall). Ingraham trail has many lakeside camping grounds. You can spend couple of nights at Prelude Lake campsite. It’s very nice, they have a small beach there and the stay is reasonable ($10 - 20 per night)


There are many options for staying:

If you are in budget, there are Bed & Breakfast places; and for any decent stay, there are many reasonable hotels available. These hotels have complementary airport shuttle available.

Food Options to try:

You should definitely try local food there. They have also some food chains like - subway, Mac Donald’s, Boston Pizza...

Daytime Activities(Fall Season):

Day times can be spent walking around the city and hiking trails to see scenic views of the nature and city lakes. There are many lakes and lots of parks and trails within the city limits. 

Yellowknife City:

The city "Yellowknife" is a very small and old town. But during autumn, the night sky begins to sparkle with the world’s most awe-inspiring displays of northern lights. 


Aurora BorealisAurora Borealis