Yellowknife has a small modern airport serviced by a number of national carriers (Air Canada, Westjet) and regional airlines (Canadian North, First Air). There are daily non-stop flights to/from Edmonton and Calgary and winter non-stop daily flights to/from Vancouver.  Yellowknife also acts as a gateway to other smaller northern communities such as Norman Wells & Inuvik and offers daily service to those and other communities. Upon arrival at Yellowknife Airport, you will have to walk on the tarmac to the entrance of the arrivals hall. In the hall there is one luggage carousel and small sitting area. If you arrive on weekdays, you can also take advantage of the small on-site restaurant at the airport and a small gift shop which is great for local souvenirs. There is a shuttle which runs between the airport and most hotels in Yellowknife at no charge to guests, be sure to contact your hotel in advance for more details as this can save you from paying a $15 taxi fare. Car rental stands are also located in the arrivals hall.

Yellowknife Airport
- 867-873-4680


When arriving by road to Yellowknife there are two gateways to consider. You can bypass the suburban Frame Lake area and take the Mackenzie Highway over to 48th St/Ingraham Trail which will take you directly into the downtown core. The more popular option, especially if you want gas or wish to pick up supplies before heading to your lodging, is to take Old Airport Road through the Frame Lake commercial area. The majority of hotels in Yellowknife are located within the downtown core with the Super 8 being the exception. If you are arriving by camper, Fred Henne Territorial Park is located directly off the Mackenzie Highway past Old Airport Road (on the left), modern camper hookups are available there. Keep in mind that road access to Yellowknife in the winter can be limited due to reliance on ice road therefore check the ministry of transportation website before you begin your trip to check the status of the ferry/ice road.

Fred Henne Territorial Park

Road Conditions