Rental Car

If you are travelling to Yellowknife by plane and plan on renting a car, there are plenty of options available. National, Hertz, and Budget all offer car rental options in the city at relatively affordable rates. Don't be too concerned about the per kilometer charge if you plan on staying primarily in Yellowknife but please be aware, if you plan on taking in the northern lights you will need to travel outside of the city for the best view, so keep that in mind when choosing a car rental company. Gas prices in Yellowknife are also higher than in the south, with prices ranging normally between $1.15-$1.20 a litre (August 2010). If you want a larger vehicle, please book well in advance as vehicle inventory is not as high in Yellowknife as the larger centres.

National: 867-920-2970
Hertz: 867-920-9209
Budget: 867-766-3838


Yellowknife is serviced by two primary taxi companies, Diamond Cab and Capital Taxi. Both are regulated, meaning their prices are determined by local bylaws. When travelling around the city, expect to pay roughly $10 to get from one side of Yellowknife to the other. Rates from around the city to the airport and vice versa range from $15-$20. Tips are welcomed by the taxi drivers but are not expected. If arriving by plane to the airport, taxis are typically waiting right outside the arrivals area meaning calling one is not usually necessary.

Diamond Cab: 867-873-6666
Capital Taxi: 867-873-4444


Yellowknife is one of the smallest cities in Canada to offer a transit system. If you want an inexpensive tour of the city, it's worth a ride, especially in the summer as only one route is running. Typical adult per use rate is $2.50 however multi-use and monthly passes are available at convenience stores throughout the city. Keep in mind that bus service is not available in the late evening, Sundays and on most holidays. Transit information is available at the City of Yellowknife website by clicking here.


As a small city, Yellowknife is extremely walkable. There are well kept pathways located throughout the city which are accessible during the spring, summer and early autumn seasons. Walking from one side of the city to the other takes around an hour or two depending on your pace. Keep in mind, it's important to wear bug spray as mosquitos are quite plentiful, especially in the summer months. 

The City of Yellowknife's website has a detailed interactive map.