Drive the Ice Road

If you're familiar with the Discovery Channel series Ice Road Truckers (which follows a group of truckers who ship supplies to a diamond mine (Diavik) northwest of the city), you may find it interesting to drive on an ice road.

If you would like to experience driving on an ice road, be sure to visit in the dead of winter (January) and simply follow the signs to the "Ice Road to Dettah" whose entrance located in the School Draw neighbourhood of Yellowknife. The ice road connects Yellowknife with the small native community of Dettah which is quite isolated during the non-winter months. While no large trucks can be seen along the route, it's a surreal experience to drive on the ice in a car. Be sure to dress warm if you want to walk out on the ice and be sure to bring along a camera! 

While there are no actual museums or attractions dedicated to this show, it is arguably one of Yellowknife's top cultural exports. You can purchase merchandise celebrating the TV series and its hometown hero (Alex Debogorski) at most souvenir shops around town.


You can catch walleye, northern pike and lake trout at various locations around Yellowknife. Try the Yellowknife River Bridge, or one of the nearby lakes

Aurora Viewing

From September to April you can see this celestial phenomenon. You may want to ask locals or the visitors center about the best places/times to experience the aurora.