If you enjoy a good wine then check out the local wineries while visiting Nova Scotia.  Nova Scotia wineries use a sweetness scale of 0-5 which is very helpful in selecting wine to your taste.  Many wineries will give you an tour of their facility and explaination of how the wine is made.  Some produce mulled wine, cider and port wine which is not common at other wineries.  Below are the wineries in the province but please note these are located in communities outside of Halifax. There are great wines being produced in Nova Scotia so get out there and taste. But do it responsibly by having a designated driver or take a wine tour and leave the driving to someone else! Enjoy!

 Bear River Winery   http://www.wine.travel

 L'Acadie Vineyards  http://www.lacadievineyards.ca

 Domaine De Grand Pre  http://www.grandprewines.com/

Sainte-Famille   http://www.st-famille.com/main.htm

Blomidon Estate Winery http://www.blomidonwine.ca/

Luckett Vineyards http://luckettvineyards.com/

Avondale Sky Winery http://www.avondalesky.com/

Jost Vineyards http://www.jostwine.com/

Lunenburg County Winery http://www.canada-wine.com/

Petite Riviere Winery

Gaspereau Vineyards http://www.gaspereauwine.com/

Muir Murray Estate Winery http://www.muirmurraywinery.com/

Annapolis Highland Vineyards http://www.novascotiawines.com/

Go North Wine Tours http://www.gonorthtours.com/