Saskatoon is a city, and with that in mind there are bars and clubs that you can go to for drinks and a good time. However, it is not a drinker's paradise. Though there are bars and clubs, the city does not necessarily come alive at night like some other cities in Canada.

A lot of people like to go to bars and clubs to just have a few drinks and relax, but there are those who also like to party pretty hard. There are a good amount of sports bars in the city that have pool tables, darts, and other games. You can just sit back, have a drink, and watch the game on TV at the bar. These bars are pretty popular because you don't have to dress up and you can just hang out with some friends. The drinks will often be pretty cheap, and you can usually get a deal like two-for-one on Thursdays.

There are other bars where there is a dress code, however. Some of the clubs don't open until about 11 pm, and they will stay open until about 1:30-2 am. Drinks in those clubs will generally be overpriced and watered down.

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are the best nights to go out, as the bars will be more crowded and there will be live entertainment playing.

Downtown, Broadway Avenue and north Idylwyld Drive/33rd Street have the highest concentrations of bars in the city. 8th Street East also has some, but tend to be spread out and interspersed with franchise restaurants and other businesses.

Where to Go and When

The following bars are busiest on the following nights (usually because it is the "cheap night"):

Tuesday: Double Deuce (in the Centre Mall) - bar with dancing

Wednesday: Sutherland Bar and Grill (on the northeast side of the city) - bar with dancing and lounge-area; also, Winston's pub in downtown Saskatoon (a lounge/pub style)

Thursday: Longbranch (north end of the city) - country bar with dancing

Friday: Pretty much anywhere except the Longbranch... try out the Sutherland, Baileys, Tequilas, Outlaws, The Hose, McGuires, The Pat, Flint, etc. 

Saturday: same as Friday, except the Longbranch is busy again tonight.  

Types of Bars/Nightclubs

Pub or lounge

  • Winston's
  • Earl's
  • McGuire's
  • The Yard and Flagon
  • Finn's (in the Parktown hotel) 

Live music

  • Bud's on Broadway
  • Lydia's
  • Amigos 
  • Louis (university student crowd)
  • Staccato (dueling pianos)


  • The Hose
  • Sutherland Bar
  • Double Deuce 
  • Tequilas
  • Outlaws

Upscale urban

  • Flint
  • SixTwelve


  • 302 Discotheque
  • Diva's
  • Flint (lounge)


  • Longbranch

Sports bar

  • Sports on Tap
  • Boston Pizza lounge
  • Red Zone