The traveler will be amazed at the incredible collection of festivals in Whitehorse. Air shows, storytelling festivals, rodeos, athletic events and harvest fairs are few examples of the activities in the area.

Every Summer, the Yukon International Storytelling Festival  sets a stage for storytellers from all over the world. Inspired by Angela Sidney, who spoke the almost extinct Tagish language, the festival was founded in 1988 with storytellers coming from six countries and telling stories in 23 languages. This year's edition featured international, national and local performers from United States, Ireland, Jamaica, India, and all over Canada. 

Klondike Harvest Fair is a seasonal event happening every August. It is an agricultural exhihibition and you'll find the area's best fruits, vegetables and animals. Be prepared for typical rural games such as axe-throwing and pie-eating contests. For updated details about the festival, call Yukon Agricultural Association at (867) 668-6864.

If you are into sports, don't miss Yukon Quest International . Happening in February, this dog sled race departs from Whitehorse to Fairbanks where sleds return to the point of departure. Widely known as challenging and adequately called "the toughest sled dog race in the world", the race summons top notch leaders and the finest marathon dogs, both bearing great survival skills and endurance. The race's route includes frozen rivers, mountains and isolated villages, and is a celebration of Yukon spirit in history and in the present day.