Renowned for its usually serene climate, the summers are warm but almost never too hot, but the region does certainly offer what can be called a full year of seasons, with rain in the late fall and again in the springtime.

Summer is certainly an ideal time to visit to take in activities on and around the lake and accompanying shore, including sailing and windsurfing, as well as the numerous beaches. The summer and early fall tend to be dry, and offer plenty of days where you can soak in the Italian sun. The lake warms up quickly with the summer sun and August is a good time to take a dip, or partake in some of the area’s watersports.

Winters can be cold, but temperatures seldom fall below freezing during the day, but it isn’t uncommon for evenings in the 20s. Winters are generally dry, and it is the late spring that can be the rainy season, so keep that in mind if you want to take in the numerous outdoor sights. The lush green forests are green for a reason, so be warned.