Bristol, like many cities, has a thriving taxi industry. You can usually hail a taxi from anywhere in the city, but there are certain times of day when it will be harder to do so (during the rush hour, late night/early morning/bank holidays) 

There are two types of cab - the blue hackney cabs which can be hailed from the street and private hire vehicles. Hackney cabs have a meter fitted which shows the fare (which is regulated within the city boundary). Normally this starts at £2.60 with the fare incrementing on time and distance. Also extras added for late night/bank holidays / heavy luggage/  etc. 

If your journey goes outside the city boundary the driver does not have to use the meter.

Private hire vehicles can not (legally) be hailed from the roadside but have to be booked in advance - usually by phone. Their rates are NOT regulated by the council or have meters and tend to charge by distance. If you have a longer journey you maybe able to negotiate a deal with the driver BEFORE taking the trip.

At places like Temple Meads or Parkway railway stations cabs are fairly common and normally it is not necessary to queue for long. All the drivers are registered with Bristol City Council and should display their identification plate (a number) on the vehicle - and should wear ID. Any complaints should be made in the first instance with the taxi company failing that the city council.

Full details about fares/making a complaint on the Bristol City Council website.

You can also get taxis from the airport. There is an office outside the arrivals terminal building on the left. Operated by Checkercars - you can book in the office and pay there either by cash or card.

Alternatively there is the airport express bus service which links the airport and city centre. Fares start at £6 (single)

Bear in mind taxis in England are expensive compared to most of Europe. You can get around most of the area by bus or train - but again compared to many European cities these are not cheap.

Rental Cars

Strangely for a rapidly expanding and busy airport Bristol Lulsgate has only a few rental car suppliers actually at the airport. If you exit the terminal building through the large revolving door, turn left and walk just a few steps, you will find the offices of Europcar, Hertz, Avis or you could book online for discounted rates.