Festivals go on year-round in Chester. For music lovers, July brings both the Summer Music Festival and the Fringe Festival. The former offers orchestras and classical performers from throughout England, with both mid-day and evening concerts. The latter features a wider range of music, such as jazz, rock, Cajun, folk and Latin.

Also in July is the Only One Earth environmental day at Grosvenor Park. Organized by the Cheshire Wildlife Trust and City Council, there are arts & crafts and music all day long.

In September, the Chester Kite Festival brings two days of kite-flying for both experts and amateurs, including kite making workshops and demonstrations.

The Midsummer/Winter Watch Parades are one of Britain’s oldest festivals. First held in 1498, they feature a family of “Giants”—enormous structures carried by several men—which were common in Tudor pageantry. The giants are accompanies by hobby horses, guildsmen, fools, and musicians.

The Chester Mystery Plays have been around since the Tudor period, and are held every five years. The classic narratives were first enacted by medieval craftsmen and guildsmen in the 14 th century. Today they are presented by an amateur cast and crew of hundreds from around the region. The next one will take place in 2013.