This article is for those who are staying in Lynton and Lynmouth and want a few good suggestions regarding walks. As a regular traveler to Lynton and Lynmouth in Exmoor, North Devon these experiences will hopefully help you.

 Very Easy Walk

Lynton to Valley of Rocks: This is a simple walk along the coastpath to the famous Valley of Rocks (VOR). Starting point from Lynton Cliff Railway and simply follow the coast path to the spectacular Geological creation know as VOR. There is a tea room (Mother Meldrums: a witch known to live in a cave there), Mother Meldrums cave (if you can find it), lots of free roaming Goats, Lee Abbey conference centre and a small beach at Lee Bay, just 200m walk further along the coast path and turn right.  There is also a Tea Cottage run by lee Abbey just as you turn right to Lee bay.  Overall it takes approx 20mins at a leisurely pace to reach. If starting from Lynmouth, take the cliff railway or walk up (long and steep) to the start.

 Easy/Medium Walk

Lynmouth to Watersmeet: This riverside walk to the beautiful Watersmeet. Watersmeet is a country house with gardens owned by the National Trust. There is a nice National Trust shop, tea room, a river junction and lots of Robin's flying around.  For this walk start from the main carpark in Lynmouth (by the bus stop) and follow the river for about 2/3 miles. A nice gentle walk with a few inclines, and enjoy amazing Tea and Scones when you arrive! You can return the same way you came, or alternatively return via Myrtleberry Cleave or Countisbury (Sparrows walk), but both these options are slightly longer and quiet steep at the beginning and end.

 Medium Walk

County Gate to Lynmouth via Watersmeet: This walk is a favourite, with plenty of rest points (namely good country pubs). Start from the bus stop in Lynmouth. Catch the open top bus (# 300 to Minehead), worth the views along, and get of at County Gate (Devon/Somerset border). Walk from county game to Brendon (this is signposted from the carpark at County Gate), and follow the path all the way to Brendon (Note: Enjoy a local ale at the Staghunters Inn).  If you walk to the Staghunters Inn you will need to back track across the bridge and head left to rejoin the path. From here walk on the rightside of the river to Rockford (Rockford Inn is worth another stop), then continue on towards Watersmeet (Signposted Watersmeet/Lynmouth). Arrive at Watersmeet for Lunch and eventually continue on the River walk back to Lynmouth. This walk offers scenic views, woodland and river walking with plenty of food/drink stops. Its about 6 miles in length and mostly downhill.

 Difficult Walk

Combe Martin to Lynton: This is a very hard walk, about 14 miles with plenty of hills to go up and down.  You need to take the bus from the main carpark in Lynton to Combe Martin. From Combe Martin, get off at the seafront and head towards the coastpath. Being 14 miles, there's too much to detail, but you cross the hangman hills, and some fantastic coastal scenery (Highest cliffs in England too!), lots of wildlife from Sheep, Goats, Exmoor Ponys, Birds of Prey and lots of plantlife. The walk is about 1/2 way through when you reach a large valley. This is the Heddon valley. You can visit Heddons Mouth beach and take a break or see the limekiln on the beach. Or walk to Hunters Inn  for a beer and sandwich and the shop (National Trust shop with ice cream). Then continue along the coast path. There are two routes...check a map for more detail but the lower path is recommended (starts nearest the beach); it's narrow but the best cliff drop views and a waterfall you can cool down under. The path eventually arrives at the Valley of Rocks and then Lynton. For the experienced walker without vertigo. Takes approx 6-7 hours and well worth the aches the next day.