When exploring Brighton, it won’t take long to figure out that it is full of great culture.  With festivals, art galleries, museums, and theaters, this seaside city has something to offer everybody.

During May, Brighton Fringe and The Brighton Festival take over the city. Thousands of people are attracted, from all over the world to witness the spectacle of two of England's largest arts festivals. Live music fills the streets, theatre and dance consume local venues, and artists (local and international) of all sorts flock to the area to perform and witness. Visit Brighton Fringe or Brighton Festival for more information about these events.

Another great event held every year is the Brighton and Hove Food and Drink Lovers' Festival, which happens on one night at the beginning of every September.    

If visiting during May or September is not an option, don’t worry, as there are lots of cultural activities year round in Brighton. 

For theatre lovers, Brighton is the place to go in the UK.  With more than 12 venues to choose from, the options for great performing arts are plenty.  Visit Theatres for information about particular venues and what they offer.

Visit Art List for more information on the numerous galleries in Brighton.