Some aspects of life in England are unique to that country's traditions and culture, and the Cotswolds embodies these to the fullest.  A visitor to the region will be able to get a very real sense of how English people live and how their culture differs from their own.  One of the most well known aspects of English culture, observed throughout the country, is the drinking of tea.  Tea to the English is not just a drink, as it is to many people, but a part of life. 

The afternoon tea ritual is thought to have been created by the Duchess of Bedford in the early 19th Century as a way to curb her hunger between meals.  In the Victorian Age the tradition evolved to include formal dress and an array of treats and sandwiches along with the tea, but afternoon tea today can also be a more modest affair.  Many locations throughout the Cotswolds serve afternoon tea, definitely something that all visitors should try.

Another of English traditions is the pub.  Pubs are found throughout the country in both cities and rural areas and the Cotswolds has several of them.  They serve as meeting places for locals as well as places to kick back and relax with friends.  Most pubs serve lunch and dinner and some open in the morning for coffee.  Some pubs in the Cotswolds are also inns, meaning that they also provide accommodations along with food and drinks.  Be sure to make a stop into a pub for a meal or a quick drink during your visit!