There are a few ways of getting to Cheltenham, but for the majority of international visitors, the journey begins with a flight. 

            The three major airports within driving distance of Cheltenham are located in London, Birmingham, and Bristol.

            The London Heathrow International Airport is London’s largest airport.  This location has four terminals and a large number of regularly scheduled, daily incoming flights from destinations all over the world.  Cheltenham is less than 100 miles from this airport, and about a two-hour drive.  Check out these London Rental Car Agencies .  There are train, bus, and coach companies that offer transportation to Cheltenham.  The Gatwick Airport is also in the London area, but the Heathrow location is closer to Cheltenham.

            The Birmingham International Airport is the country’s second largest airport (outside of London), and is little more than an hour drive away from Cheltenham.  Check out the airport website above for information about the bus and train connections that can be made.  Visit this Birmingham Rental Car Agencies List for information on this subject.  

            The Bristol International Airport ( is smaller than the two airports mentioned above, but welcomes many international flights daily.  Bus and rail transfer to Cheltenham is available, and driving takes about an hour and a half.  

            For more information on these and more methods, check out this Getting to Cheltenham page.