Shopping Southampton should begin in West Quay , a cutting edge consumer hub that opened only five years ago.  Home to hundreds of stores, buyers can grab apparel from regional retailers or from more major chains.  American travelers will find themselves quite at home in this mall, what with Starbucks, Benetton, Body Shop and other familiar retail around every corner.  In addition to these global standards, West Quay boasts traditional establishments and lesser-known designer boutiques.

The Marland Mall and the Bargate Center are consumer meccas located closer to the city’s center.  Matalan clothes and furnishing is a leading UK franchise worth peeking into if you’re American.  For a full list of Marland stores, click here .

Bargate is the local fashion barometer, and residents do lots of clothes purchasing here.

The best place for souvenir shopping may be Old Northam Road, a strip of antiques and decorative items stores, although the city's multiple museums and historical sites offer much in the way of gift shopping so the traveler can bring tons of stuff home to loved ones, as expected.