Taxicabs are readily available throughout the city center of Dover, and the drivers, as with most taxi drivers in the UK, are very courteous and knowledgeable of the major destinations in the area. You can expect to find the typical black taxicabs in Dover, along with other cars for hire. Generally you’ll find the black cabs at taxi stands, and depending on where you’re staying you may have to call ahead for a taxi at other times. The cabbies typically use meters, and only accept rides from officially licensed taxis.

Rental cars are also available at the major airports, and at other points in the city. To rent a car in the UK you do need an international drivers license, and must be 21-years or older. This additional license can be purchased at the time you pick up the car. In the UK the steering wheel is on the right hand side, and you drive on the left hand side of the road, so be prepared for this before you get behind the wheel. Additionally, plan to reserve the car ahead of time and considering paying a bit extra for an automatic transmission. Manual transmission vehicles, or stick shifts, are cheaper but these can be difficult for American drivers as the stick shift is on the left hand side!